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Scott Sully, Group CEO

Scott Sully, Group CEO says…
I keep a lot of stuff and I found this earlier this week. 17 years ago, to the day, we sat down to review our first month of business. In the Beehive Pub in Bedfont I think. The figures weren’t exactly great, as you can see from the photos. There are no missing 000’s!

It was certainly a nervous but exciting time.
In our most recent financial year we (RIF Worldwide) handled 22,000 jobs. To say we are proud of the progress we have made would be an understatement.

We have some really great clients who themselves have amazing businesses, and we have been blessed that they have joined us on our journey and allowed us to join them. Without them we have nothing. The same can be said of all the people who now work for us.

RIF Worldwide is now a part of the bigger RIF Group and we have an array of companies (RIF Logistics + RIF Europe + RIF FX + RIF Worldwide) and services that cover much more than I ever thought would be possible. Especially not in such a period of time. 17 years ago, if you had shown me a target vision of what we are today, and asked me if I thought we could become that in 17 years time, my answer would have been “no way”. I prefer looking forward but occasionally it is nice to look back……

Scott Sully, Group CEO

Wayne Gibson, Managing Director says…
As you might know, in the freight industry our shipments are organised by following Incoterm rules. Incoterm rules are a set of international rules set by the International Chamber of Commerce, they are essential consideration for importers and exporters. There has recently been an update of these terms and this only happens every 10 years.

We can now provide you with an exclusive, quick and a handy reference guide to what each Incoterm means and when responsibility sits with the buyer or seller at each stage of the shipment’s journey.

To download your own copy of this the latestInfographic, click here

Scott Sully, Group CEO

Dominic Bacon, Managing Director says…
A great start to 2020 with RIF Logistics Ltd achieving the renewal of our BRC certification in Storage & Distribution, retaining our ‘AA’ rating!

Thanks to all the team for their hard work, to Alex Haynes at Global QA and the auditors at Intertek.

We had an amazing few days with the whole RIF Group team last week.

They were all very impressed about what we have created here atRIF Europe and how fast we are growing.

Having such a large presence in Europe, with the outcome of Brexit still unknown, giving our customers the option to warehouse their products in Amsterdam is such a bonus!

We have very exciting times ahead and can’t wait to see what the future holds!
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RIF FX is the latest edition to RIF Group, FX provides international currency conversion via the most sophisticated system on the market. This service from enables our customers to make further efficiencies in their international trading operations, by integrating currency conversion into the process.

Did you know you RIF FX send out a comprehensive weekly report – a one-stop document with expert views on current financial affairs, and expert advice to sail your business over it all smoothly!

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